Då var andra upplagan utav Scandinavian Music Expo över och vi arrangörer vill tacka alla utställare samt alla härliga besökare som gjorde mässan till en succé även i år. Ett stort tack Jens Ryö med personal.






Skärmavbild 2016-07-11 kl. 12.13.31Popular equipment manufacturer Rane has just been sold to InMuisc, the company that has also purchased popular DJ tech names such as Numarkand Akai.

The news came in the from of a press release from Rane, who has confirmed the sale is commencing and will be finalised this Summer (or Winter for us living at the bottom of the Earth).

The press releases states in full:

”Rane Corporation is pleased to announce that cofounders Linda Arink and Dennis Bohn have agreed to sell Rane Corporation to InMusic LLC.

The transaction is set to be completed this summer. After the sale Ms. Arink and Mr. Bohn plan to step down and retire.

Rane is one of the most admired companies within the DJ and commercial sound industry. “Rane will continue some operations out of the Mukilteo, Washington headquarters,” says Ms. Arink.

Ms. Arink feels that with the added resources, engineering talent, and additional IP, InMusic is an ideal buyer for Rane Corporation and will help it grow now and in the future.”

There isn’t much more we can detail at this stage as it is all happenign as we speak, howevr the good guys over at DJ Worx have jotted down what this means for Rane and InMusic:

  • The owners of Rane were looking for a buyer, and inMusic clearly made the most attractive offer.
  • The majority of the 60+ workforce will be “permanently displaced” at the end of July.
  • Some engineers will remain (from the HAL/install side) in Seattle.
  • The DJ side of Rane will be absorbed into the Numark/Denon team at inMusic HQ.
  • Manufacturing will be moved to inMusic’s contractors in the far east.


Då var första upplagan utav Scandinavian Music Expo över och vi arrangörer vill tacka alla er utställare samt alla härliga besökare som gjorde mässan till en succé. Inom kort kommer vi att lägga upp mer bilder och videoklipp från mässan för er som inte hade möjlighet att besöka oss.

IMG_1924IMG_1887IMG_1911IMG_1914Vi ser redan fram emot att få träffa er alla igen på Scandinavian Music Expo 2016.


Christer, Johan, Fredrik, Garry


Pioneer kommer att visa upp sitt nya flaggskepp DJM-S9 på mässan.



When introduced in 2006 the TTM57SL broke ground as the first ever DJ mixer with built-in USB sound card and tightly integrated Serato software controls. When discontinued in 2013, the TTM57SL had developed a cult-like following.

The TTM57mkII stays true to its original design by supporting familiar workflow while improving performance and software integration. Updated software controls include silicone RGB backlit pads for triggering 4 cue points per deck or the SP-6 sampler. Classic joystick controls toggle slip, instant doubles, internal mode, censor, and transform. Dedicated auto-loop & loop roll controls with back-lit buttons. Intuitive Serato DJ iZotope FX controls for easy & quick access.



Is the first connected object for DJs. It allows you to perfect all mixing techniques, in particular scratching, which requires a certain manual dexterity, difficult to reproduce on a tactile surface. Mixfader can be connected wirelessly to an application that computerizes your vinyl turntable and brings together all the essential elements for mixing your music. Mixfader allows you to make perfect transitions and to scratch like a pro.