It began in 1998. In Gothenburg, the Swedish west coast city, characterised by its shipyards, docks and rusty harbor cranes, came to be the home of Elektron. And just like Elektron is a part of the city, the city is a part of Elektron. For us, the rugged industrial surroundings, the hint of stubborn outsiderness sometimes experienced while riding the tram resonate in our instruments.

But in a sense this is irrelevant. When you come into contact with an Elektron instrument, your particular sound emerges. This is what matters. Designed to the highest standards, assembled by hand and tested exhaustively before being sent out worldwide: our offerings help producers, artists and DJs both well-known and underground to perfect their craft.

And it’s not just the hardware. Outside of the machines, the award-winning Overbridge software suite fully integrates compatible Elektron instruments with computers – efficiently and intuitively.

At the end of the day we simply want to empower you through extraordinary sound. Make music a natural part of your life. To achieve this we will continue to innovate and push technological boundaries. We will continue to think new.

Looking ahead, we can confidently say that this is only the beginning.

Innovation, quality, and end customer focus are keywords underpinning our values. Our manifest summarizes what we want to represent and achieve.

Creativity first

We empower artists and music lovers. Guided by creativity and imagination, our products belong to the world of today and define the sound of tomorrow. An Elektron creation is a universe of sounds.

Cutting edge

Immense power is at hand. Advanced technology made accessible by elegant interface solutions warrant a unique experience. It all just falls into place. An Elektron creation is technology made magic.

No compromises

Quality is in everything we do. Engineering to the highest standards and beautiful industrial designs make our three year warranty come as no surprise. An Elektron creation is a lasting investment.

Among friends

Being an Elektron user means being cared for. Enjoy continuous care, premium customer support and a creative and vibrant community. An Elektron creation is just the beginning.

Good vibrations

The human touch defines us. By recognizing and paying close attention to the social context of music making, we hope to be able to contribute on a larger scale. An Elektron creation is a part of the world and tries to make it better.

Elektron HQ
Elektron Music Machines MAV AB
Sockerbruket 9
414 51 Göteborg
Elektron US
Elektron Music Machines Inc
1340 E 6th St #632
Los Angeles, CA 90021
USAPhone: +1 213 935 8521
Fax: +1 213 537 0093

Elektron Studios Berlin
Friedrichstraße 17
10969 Berlin